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Super Dune 2 mentat problems


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Hey i have dl SD2 and i got a problem with the mentat's its still the atredies - Ordres - Harkonnen mentats skin they use. i have dl the Updates version with all the Bug fix and done the


Step 2. Copy the following files from your Dune II directory into the

   directory where you have installed Super Dune II Classic:







But it still dont work. anyone knows if im doing somthing from?

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The Mentat portraits in Super Dune II Classic are identical to the original Dune II portraits. The files you have listed actually contain announcement voice clips and are unrelated to the Mentat portraits.

New Mentats are only available in Dune 2 eXtended.

Holy **** that dune 2 i have been looking for. for a Long time thx man :D

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