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  1. Holy **** that dune 2 i have been looking for. for a Long time thx man :D
  2. Hey i have dl SD2 and i got a problem with the mentat's its still the atredies - Ordres - Harkonnen mentats skin they use. i have dl the Updates version with all the Bug fix and done the Step 2. Copy the following files from your Dune II directory into the directory where you have installed Super Dune II Classic: ATRE.PAK HARK.PAK MERC.PAK ORDOS.PAK But it still dont work. anyone knows if im doing somthing from?
  3. ITS ALIVE!!! ITS ALIVE!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!! Now i only need to know 1 more thing.. how do i edit the ini File So i start with 0 credits and the cpu aswell?
  4. Hmm i have done Everything you guys have said i think and i still cant get it to work. this is what i have done First Open XCC Mixer and Extract scens001.ini " First map on the sarduarkar Mission " then startet the scenario editer and Load the scens001.ini in to it and Done the modification to it Saved the map in to my Dune2/dunex Folder as a Pc Version Start the game but nothing have change at all
  5. Thx for all the info you guys are giving me. i found out how to modify the maps But it cant gem em to work.. i have Excrate em as you said add in the scenario editer. done all the work i should do on the map then saved the File inside My dune 2 Folder and now its there as a Single file. but should it not change in the Conquest.ini File how do add it to the Conquest ini file again after the modification i have made to it?
  6. well thx for the Tip on XCC i can see how much units i can start with and all that and how much Credit.. but i cant find out how i can Change that. if i open the file in lets say Notpad then i change the Numbers on lets say max Unit=30 to like Maxunit=50 but it wont work in the game. but in xCC mixer i cant even modifir it or am i doing somthing wrong. even this is not the thing i want the most. the thing i want the most is a Editor Where i can Modify the maps lets say like the last Map Mission 9 where you start down and all 3 other houses start up North. i want is to modify so i wont need to build up a base but that when i come to the map the base is Build if you get me?
  7. hey im new to this Site and i whould Like to say im a Big fan of Dune and The books and Movie's " Series " But what i really need help with is.. i have Download the SD Game The Conquest of Arrakis Version 1.27 and i love it. But there is one thing i really whould like is that in the campains the computer starts with a Full base " Like the other Dune games. what i whould like to know is. is there a Way i chould Edit The campain maps and place a Rebuild base in to the game im playing Via the Dune 2 Scenario Editor i have downloaded. i can easely make a Map and place buildings and all that. but it seems i cant Find the Campain maps anywere in my Folder?
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