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Mission Events BuildingExists bug?


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In ordos mission 6 you can find the following in the .mis file:


(15) Mission Fail = (0) BuildingExists: "Ordos Star Port"



The map has a "Ordos Star Port" pre placed, so you should actually lose the mission right away, someone knows what this is about?


Or is there maybe an unknown byte that reverts the BuildingExists condition bool? (!BuildingExists)

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We created a map where it worked as the name says, condition was BuildingExists and once the building did exist the event fired up, thats why i was wondering why it works the other way around in this ordos mission


the (0) was the number of the condition

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I am pretty sure the BuildingExist condition is checked which is translated if building does not exist.

If a condition is checked it results its oposite.

Uncheck the BuildingExist condition and see for yourself the mission will fail instantly.

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