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Anyone Done an Emperor mod that Emulates the Books?

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Obviously all these games are in a "duniverse" but  they are departures from the military forces and tactics used in the books. (and storyline of course!) I was wondering has anyone ever done a mod of Emperor (as the most suitable in terms of units and with multiple planets for play) to emulate the novels?

I guess it would mostly entail limiting the game down to and emphasizing  infantry and air units and I suppose artillery. Plus it would limit the houses to Atreides and  harkonnen but keep all third parties (guild,tleilaxu, sardaukar, fremen) as allies or opponents as they all play key roles in the games and the books. Seems like it would still be interesting and balanced game play though.


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hi , there are infantry mods;               INFANTRY MOD     by       alphabeta4000

                                                                              INFANTRY ONLY               BY           ^SnIpeR^

                                                                              INFANTRY WARS             BY            DukeLeto


Maybe one of these mods are what u looking for




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