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Dune: Rebirth


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Hello everyone!

So I'm always huge fan of Dune RTS games especially 2000. After years I decited to make some mods to it or something bigger, and thats how I came in here. It's so awesome seeing people like me who like & love this game!. So when I seeing editing tools I simple want do something with it and thats how Dune: Rebirth was born. So Dune Rebirth is kind new game basing on 2000 but locate in much more future so all bulings has been change, and also Arrakis is not this same place like in 2000.

sadly i can't work on it in full time (i have other project to do) but i want to do it, for now i have new start screen and working on buildings. Game is in strange oblique perspective so thats generate some problems with sometimes i must create building in several times to do it right but for now last version of new wind trap looks like that:

2qdq1qd.png  15pojdk.gif  if2a1j.png
     idle      animation    destroy


and if somebody want here i my DATA.R16 


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Keep us updating, the graphics you made look very good! It reminds me a little of Transistor (haven't played the game actually).


Do you already have a system? Like a set of software and procedures to make sure all the buildings have the same style (view angle, colours, damage, attributes etc)? Could you elaborate a little on this perhaps? Do you also have a plan? :)

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Because I working alot of time in 3D Studio Max an Sketchup. In sketchup i modeling simple building with photomach and parallel projection then save it in 3k resolution, open in photoshop and give it live. I tested buildnig in bigger resolution because it will be awesome to make this game in true HD not only ressolution, but it doasent work good and then I thinking its better stay in that ressoltuon of assets because pexelated and 16bit can hide some bad things and it still can looks good
Also for now i using 1280x600 resolution because i think this ressolution will be good for everybody because. HRP will be good if it will be changing only ressolution not all gfx files becuse when you use it and want change res it will be changing all graphic to orginal one. Im Architect in full time job and half time gamedeveloper. For inspiration i searching deviantart, google graphic etc. Also i using tools what i see on this forum so everybody who do something i put in credit page :)
I was thinking about alot of storyline and graphic concepts like:
- new planet, new planet will be born like earth moon, but new planet fly away and not be discovered to this time
- new fraction from Corrino it will be very dark story. In some place in timeline "New house Corrino is erase from official tree and in game will be came back as new power
- after 20k years arrakis is so old and sucked up that on planet will be grow more green stuff 
- I want check what UI will be looks like if it be at the bottom of screen
- If I can I want create biggest maps as passible 
- also i want add new world block assets with more green stuff

But all thise is only concepts now, so we will see what it be 
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