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Dune 2000 Online (cncnet5)+multi languagepack + biggest campaign mission/mod pack + multiplayer maps/co op maps + D2Keditor +Tileset pack+CnC music pack (all in one installer)

dato 2000

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On 1/21/2022 at 2:59 AM, iuliano said:


I've tried the Italian version yet I always have audio voices in English... must I replace something with my original CD content?

Thank you for your great work

im sorry i had wrong information like there is no italian voices i check it now and found there is italian voices too, i will update installer and add italian voices soon
thank you for inform me



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installer updated to version

added:  Single map: Star Port Defence - By Thel Vadam FLippy
            Single map: The assault at the Emperor base - By Thel Vadam FLippy
            30 new co op maps
            italian voices (its optional when you choose italian language in settings now you get italian voices in game)

update: dune2000 editor by klof
             Butlerian Jihad: The trilogy campaign
             Coalition of Nobles campaign

fixed:     EBFD_Final_Assault campaign and some missions which crashed at start
             Fey's Vanilla Campaign Mod sounds problem with other languages

removed: all broken or unsupported missions/mods

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installer updated to version

added: Jams map packs (missions and minicampaigns) - 28 missions total by domger
           Living in Sietch
Emperador Campaña by Luisito
           red chasm II co op maps
           funeral plain II  2vs2vs2vs2 multiplayer map

updated:   map and mission editor to version 2.11

fixed: Coalicion Nobles campaign (tactical map images)
         fall of emperor campaign (now all missions works)
         1P 7AI Erg III multiplayer map (fixed alliance settings)

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