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list of managers?


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Hi, letsdance.


Try here (The Roundhouse) for all kinds of info:




Attached is a Manager list text file from that site.


Also, if you look into Jeffryfisher's US Historical map, he has (OpenOffice) spreadsheets included, that contain additional info, though it is geared towards modding the .EXE file.


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thx. this list seems complete, but it doesn't list prices either. most links on the roundhouse don't seem to work, except the "where is..." page. but it seems to be a good guide for people who don't know how to use the editor. 


yes i had a look jeffry's list, but it doesn't include managers.

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Good answer by the guy in the shed!


Which file included with Jeffry's US History map did you open?


The "EXE Data.ods" file has all the information in a tab called Managers. There are more tabs in this file than can be displayed at one time, so you may have to scroll through them before you can see this one. Also, the last tab in this file, AltMgrs, is the data as he modified for his 1.56 patch. This modified data is also in a separate Excel file called "Managers v156x10.xls".

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