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Hi, i just returned here after a longer break.

And now i want to add some own custom Maps, there i got a problem, i tried it with one of my campaign Maps first.

Am i right you have to be Atreides and if Co-Op your partner is Harkonnen?

Well my real problem is that this dont work at all, i mean the .mis seems to not be loaded or something.

I just tried it alone with only AI Players do i need another Player or should it work either way?

And the last thing: the configuration file; alot of Maps (or all?) have one i just need it for the Name to be Displayed right?

Hope for some help

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hi @Sylar

What you need is 3 files, all the same name: _MyMap.mis | MyMap.map | MyMap.ini

The filename cannot exceed 50 chars, so make sure you keep it short. the .ini file must contain the name of the map: [Basic]Name=My super awesome coop map

The human players are always added first, so atreides is always a human player.

For a 2 human vs 2 AI player map you need the following setup: Player1 = ATREIDES, Player2 = HARKONNEN, AI 1 = ORDOS, AI 2 = EMPEROR

Make sure you start such a map only with 2 human players and also add 2 ai players to the game room via the button in the top right. You can choose any faction in the cncnet client, the above names are only needed for preplaced buildings and events. E.g. in the map editor you preplace buildings for atreides, but you can still choose any other faction in the cncnet client

(for testing you can also start the map with 1 human and 3 ai players, one of the ai players will turn into your partner)


There are a lot of co-op maps on cncnet already, you can browse through them and check what extra features the creators added



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On 4/12/2015 at 1:22 PM, FunkyFr3sh said:

dune 2000

Hello, I want to ask you something!

Could you create a new difficulty in the dune 2000?

or could you help me create a new difficulty?

Mostly I write in Spanish, but in this case I write you in English, because I know that you understand Spanish.

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