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about germans

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I dont belive hitler and his nazi comrades teory about "the superior nation". Its false, evry nation has good or bad people. Its about nature. But even I dont belive to holocaust, how?

First of all, I think those videos or picturs taken, why germans take those pictures or videos, if they really killing 6 million ppl there? To say look we killed 6 million? So what going to happen if german mother see those images, shes going to say heil hitler or poor children burn hitler? Ofcorse second one. No one if not really psycopath or like somethink not gonna like videos wic innocent ppl killed babys killed.

even can you imagine, you are a soldier in army, one idiot gives orders to kill tousand civillians, not long shot no boms, to kill them with gas. Are you going to do that or ignore it? German army was most diciplined and most strong. How can you think in 2 million members no one sais "wtf im not gonna kill children".

its problem of world. In new era with populer culture, strong one can say anythink, makes movies about it, makes songs, false documantarys and people going to belive it.

so think about, for example, in next 50 years turkiye become superpover. And start to propoganda about old israil killed 6 million arabs in middle east, with all power of media, create false images, documantarys.to make israil guilty for dver and had right to take all control about them, actually israil president not much more peace maker than hitler.

ebryone going to belive right? Yes.


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