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Thumper. For what?

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There is unit thumper in Dune 2000. What is function of this unit? Is he useful?

Another question. Where does thumper appear? Somewhere in multiplayer game? Or in missions too?
Still I found him in little blue boxes (called "crates" in the game) in multiplayer game only. 

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It's exclusive to multiplayer/pratice I think, requires upgraded barracks.

What it does is that he attracts worms to himself. Worms will ignore anything else and will move to the thumper. Once they reach him, they become passive and hold position until thumper is undeployed.

Can be used to attract worms to enemy spice fields then release them there to eat enemy harvs, or to protect your own spice fields by forcing the worm to stay in one place.

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in combat  worms are  meh useless  they can eat your own tanks too. but you can put  some thumpers around enemy base and  camp spice fields or   if he keeps tanks outside base , force worms to eat them  but thumper is so soft and it  die fast so  have few in random places


deploy it in sand outside  any spice field if you dont want any worms  around you doing it close to  your spice field is suicidal.

in general i always put thumpers in corners of map or in places where  is quite far from nearest spice field

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If you put them in ur spice it's not "suicidal", it defends your harvs. Yea youre supposed to defend them but unless the player isn't a camping turret guy it should be easy.

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