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4 times more un seen water

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I listened to a report of a new belief that the earth has 4 times more water hidden under the mantal inside the earth.

Above the mantal is all the water we know about.   It seems that very deep wells get very hot at the bottom but do not melt. 


I would guess this belief is not true.  But then at that depth the pressure would be extreme and water would not turn to stream. 

It would turn into heavy water.  I wonder how heavy can Heavy Water get to float rock.  If rock can float would gold then sink to the bottom. 


I know of a farmer in Central Californa who had drilled a deep well.  The water pumped out of the well at close to 80 degrees'

this was too hot to use on his crops without cooling it first.  With summer's 100 degree days the water cooled slowly. 

The water worked great to warm green houses in the winter time.



I think everyone has heard about the very deep well drilled in Russia where noise was coming out of the well casing.

They lowered a listening device deep into the well and said they heard the sounds of hell.  They quickly welded a cap on the well and left.



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I haven't thought much about how water reacts with the earth.  The discovery of so much fresh water so deep below the earths surface is interesting.

Maybe the earth is hollow.  :unsure: Maybe we could harvest steam from hot spots in the earth by drilling deeper wells.


When it rains, the fresh water moving under ground, pushes back the saltwater in the Sea.

As the earth spins the heavier saltwater movies up and the fresh water fills downward.


On the other hand, near the center core of the earth, gravity's downward pull is reduced.

It would seem that saltwater would then end up near the core or center of the earth with freshwater on top.


I'm sure that mathematically with known facts about water, all of the above can be balanced and explained.     :wacko: 




On another subject:   A few days ago I heard on the radio that the National Weather Agency was hacked by the Chinese.


My question is why was it hacked? 


Maybe the Chinese Harp program was being used to modify weather and the Chinese didn't wanted the American Harp Program to counter the activity.


Looking at the weather in Seattle, The storm came from Russia who also have a Harp program.                                                                                                                        With its' cold air it crossed over the Aleutian Islands, passed over Alaska. It then turned and blew down over Central Canada.


It aimed itself directly at the USA and blew in with Ice, snow and rain .


A moderate and continuous wind storm hit Seattle for almost 5 days now. (Icy but No rain or snow yet)  Wind speed is now slowing down.


I benefited me as it striped the leaves from my trees and nearly blew them all away.

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