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Starting bonuses


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So I was playing the campaign again and a thought struck me. You can edit a lot of options with level editor for each map, but can you change the starting bonus or bonuses you are picking before each map? So instead let's say bonus 80k cash you can turn it into a lower cost of laying new tracks?

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If you're going to edit an original map, then make sure that you save it under a new name.


Vital safety tip for event editing: Never EVER delete an event. The editor has a bug in it that causes event data to become crosslinked when an event is deleted (one event's trigger will fire a neighboring event's effects). Two or more events around the deletion point will become permanently corrupted and forever unusable.


If one wants to "delete" an event, one should blank its fields instead (have it run once doing nothing/saying nothing, and label it as a placeholder).


Campaign starting bonuses are kind of tricky, so look carefully at how the out-of-box originals are coded before you start tinkering.


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