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Legal - no problem.


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Sorry about not comming back to you guys about this sooner. i have been doing contract work for the past 4 weeks. It's been murderous, getting up at 3AM and often not get to bed until 1AM - it's freezing winter this side (our winter is normally hot and dry and i'm not used to wearing warm clothes in winter).

Yeah, you guys don't have to worry too much about legal stuff as long as you keep it strictly non profit. An intresting side note is the fact that C&C would probably not have existed if Westwood hadn't lost the Dune trademark after Dune2. i never liked the C&C story line so for me it is rather sad - i like Dune far better. Dino De Laurentis would hopefully just tip their hat to you guys for the free promotion of their trademark. Good luck. Dune forever!

falconius@mighty.co.za (BTW i'd also like a Dune e-mail adress)

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