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Warehouses and Ports

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you can individually program ports to receive cargo, give cargo or exchange cargo. 


By clicking on a port you can see how the port was programed.


An accessory building will offer a service of a longer holding time for cargos thus reducing costs, etc.


I believe you can click on the building to see what it offers.  Its been a long time since I've done that.

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Thanks for the reply. Two more questions if you can help.


Is it possible to make a profit from a warehouse or port? What exactly are "goods".


I played TR3 years ago but never actually mastered it. Recently I reinstalled it added the C to C expansion which I am really enjoying.

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The profit from a warehouse is the savings you get by using a warehouse.


Goods in my way of playing is anything except passenger or mail.


My gwizz port allows the shipping of passengers from and to the gwizz  port. 

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Can any one tell me unlike in rrt2 , y cant we build goods support buildings like grain silo, chemical storage , warehouse, etc etc on all the stations of rrt3.

This did save us the cargo depreciation.


Unlike in RTII, in RT3 cargo depreciation isn't governed by the time cargo actually arrives on the map (I don't think RT3 keeps track of this). There is no time-to-pickup penalties to reduce, so the support buildings from RTII wouldn't have the same effect. What I can think of that is similar is the station age revenue modifiers (see below). Support buildings would have had to be re-programmed and redesigned. Ultimately PopTop made a decision to not include them.


Quoted from the RT3 manual, page 72:

Station/City Age: The first railroad to reach a new city can

charge a premium price - up to 15% extra profit on each load in

and out of the city. This bonus disappears by the 4th year after

a station has been built. Over longer periods, customers demand

better pricing, and profits fall to a maximum of a 10% penalty

profit by the time a station is 20 years old. If there is more than

one station in a city, or a station is torn down and rebuilt, the

profit bonuses and penalties are still governed by the year that

the first station was built. Stations in the open countryside

experience a similar effect, but at only about half the level as

stations in cities.

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