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Cant believe it


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I was delighted to discover today that Dune 2 is still out there.  I used to play it aroud 20 years ago.  Where has the time gone...  Can't wait to play it again.  How do I go about getting my hands on it and getting it working on Windows 7?


PS: Does anyone know if the same is true for Warcraft 2?


The gaming industry is so massive these days.  But for me, these 2 games have never been surpassed in the way they are simple enough to understand and play, but challenging enough to keep you hooked!

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Hello Paul, and welcome to FED2k!

To run Dune II, Warcraft II and many other DOS games on modern operating systems, you'll need to use DOSBox, an emulator of an x86 PC with DOS.

Here's a couple of good tutorials that will help you figure out how to run a game in DOSBox:

Basic DOSBox Tutorial

Advanced DOSBox Tutorial

BTW, I'm also a huge fan of both Dune II and Warcraft II :)

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Welcome Paul and know Another Huge WC2 fan here!


Warcraft 2 can still be purchased. You need to get the Battle.net edition. But they advice you to look on amazon. Blizzard itself doesn't print them any more. Nor has any in stock, sold out apparently :D.


Battle.net still worked 2 years ago.

The game itself still works on Windows 7. No need for dosbox, mhuhahaha.

I didn't had to do tricks. Other windows versions, I don't know.


That is the power of Blizzard, getting things eternal.

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