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Dune2 achivement - trooper play


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I tried to do some difficulties when playing original dune2. It's boring and easy to make bunch of tanks and overwhelming.

If you only can product troopers, it's still beatable, and fun!

I did it on harkonnen 2-6 missions, and ordos 5-7.

I didn't use Light Factory, Heavy Factory and Starport. 2 refinery with harvesters, 2 wor, 4-5 turrets. You should take care more your starting heavy units, repairing and retreating with them if neccesary. Using Ornithopters for air support is available :)


I hope you enjoy the idea, have fun!



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Have you ever tried DuneX?

AI is harder, Teams (enemy production) are reviewed to have different behaviors, even the defence.

I would like to finish the new Campaigns for original Houses to play for a mod that includes fixed bugs and several customizations to enrich the Dune 2 gameplay.


Here a recap of what I would like to release sooner or later:


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