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  1. With my 1.07 I see these differences: On lvl4 Hark vs Ordos, AI can produce Trooper. But on Lvl4 Ord vs Atr, you can't produce Trooper, only on lvl5 (vs Hark) On lvl5 Ord vs Hark, you can produce trooper, but if you against Ordos with Atreides, AI can produce troopers too. On lvl6 ordos can't produce Siege tank (even on hark6 vs ordos, AI can't too), but troopers are available here.
  2. R1per2

    Dune Dynasty

    I ment in Building of a Dynasty Harkonnen tech tree. I have old mission saved in Harkonnen lvl4, there is available Troopers, but if I start in DuneDynasty a new game on lvl4, there isn't, just trooper. I downloaded eXtended mode yesterday, thoose new missions tech tree and units are different, cool :) I thought this too. Tried Atr8 in Dunedynasty with many Palaces, and not all of my fremens attacked by turrets. I see, thanks! Than DuneDynasty automatic fixed these bugs?
  3. R1per2

    Dune Dynasty

    In v1.07 I have with Harkonnen Trooper for level 3 (with quads), and troopers for level4 (with tanks). Ordos has trooper first on level5 (+ no launcher), and troopers on level6 (+ no siege tank). For Villain Ordos, it has 1 level earlier. On hark lvl4, ordos has trooper, on atr lvl5, ordos has troopers. I don't see any Ornis in starport, it's high tech, IX needed unit, which can produce only in Hi-tech fac. Like Sonic tanks and deviators could only produced in heavy fac., not in starport.
  4. R1per2

    Dune Dynasty

    I tried Dune Dynasty yesterday. It's awesome! Much better than any other remakes. Bug fixes, menus, everything just perfect! Thank you for your work on it! Some notice and questions: - Sadly noticed freeze midgame, but rarely! - Harkonnen can produce troopers (group) on level 4 already, not just on level 5. Why do you change it? - Insane AI is cool, like the way it moves units, but produce very fast (1400credit/harvester as I can see), too strong for campaing. - Fog of war ftw! - Turrets don't attack fremens many times. Depends on what? - Why Ornis available in Starport? It's not in 1.07.
  5. R1per2

    Dune Dynasty

    On Harkonnen level5, troopers (group) available on Vanilla Dune2. Why is that change in Dynasty?
  6. I tried to do some difficulties when playing original dune2. It's boring and easy to make bunch of tanks and overwhelming. If you only can product troopers, it's still beatable, and fun! I did it on harkonnen 2-6 missions, and ordos 5-7. I didn't use Light Factory, Heavy Factory and Starport. 2 refinery with harvesters, 2 wor, 4-5 turrets. You should take care more your starting heavy units, repairing and retreating with them if neccesary. Using Ornithopters for air support is available :) I hope you enjoy the idea, have fun!
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