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Getting prev cd saves to work in dosbox/downloaded game version


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There seem to be a problem to get "old" save files to appear loadable inside the game after copying them to the current save folder.

This time i downloaded the game from here <link snipped> to use in dosbox.

Maybe i need to copy the game files from the original cd instead (thei are at my parents place ;)) to recognize the save-files it was created in?,

instead of a downloaded game files...that looks as the same dos/speech version through so i think it could be able work at least.

Do you get "other" saves to work in your current installation?.


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I'm sorry but I had to remove the link, the game hasn't been released as freeware officially, and people who want to obtain "abandonware" can search it on their own.

Different versions of games might have different savegame formats, and not all updates are backwards compatible with previous saved games. You should probably install the version with which you created the old savegame file to load it.

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