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Italy will give hiring incentives if you hire...retard rabbits?

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Premier Letta will give incentives if you hire young peoples. The money is a lot: usually if a worker is paid 1000 euros they cost 3000 euros (600 are for retirement, 1400 are taxes) but now it will be different. The state will give 650 euros each month if you hire a 18-29 years old worker that fullfill the three requirements.

What are the requirements?
1)You must haven't work the last six months

2)You must have ZERO education: no degree, no diploma

3)You must have at least a relative (wife, son, grandmother etc) to substain.


Point 1 make sense, but the other two? For point two in Italy everyone has at least a diploma, young people with no diploma were common 40 years ago, even 20 years ago were very rare. And who in the hell with no diploma and no job would substain someone? My mother is a commie and to support the community she would sterilized whoever isn't able to finish school, me included! Government supporters said that the intention is different because only one of the three requirements is needed, still Letta said that the measure will give benefit for 200 thousands people....there are a lot more that have requirement 1 but a lot less that have all three requirements.

I fear that is a trick to lure many mindless slaves and some parasites from other countries that will give votes in exchange of money and easy jobs.


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It sounds like one of those laws that are passed to make it look like the government is doing something to help people, when in fact it is not doing anything (because the requirements are such that no one fits them).

Unless, of course, as the prime minister said, this law will apply to anyone who meets at least one of the requirements (not all three, just one of them). In that case it could actually end up helping a lot of people, and it is a very good thing. As for the "200 thousand people" number, are you sure there are more people than that between the ages of 18 to 29 who meet requirement 1?

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Italy is almost 60 million, so a 200k young unemployed populations is very much possible.


Also immigrants (without citizenship) or guest workers cannot vote, so the measure should impress only Italians.

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Now the official decree is come: just one requirement, also the age is not only 18-29 but even 50. Still the premier say that 200 thousands will fit in this and the number is too little.

Young unemployed are 1128000, that include people who don't work since just a month (so they are out) but main problem with work is that when you search a job they require people with experience, even if you pay for let you working they won't hire you because previous government Monti imposed an intermediary (interinal agency) that "filter" the work demands, so you can't anymore persuade to be hired, you don't even know were to get to work checking internet, all sites for job seeking are ruined by interinals guys they spam thousands of identical fake job offers (for example "required apprentices with experience", "required graduated on pshycology of work to build vases" and even "required graduated on agricolture for work as astronaut)...you are a honest businessman and you want to hire without using interinals? You post something in a job seeking site, you posted one and each interinal will post thousands, no filter to turn off interinal. Same with newspaper. Surely you can build your own site, but it won't have many visibility.

Anyway since this system people with experience has a lot of more chance of being hired. 40% of young unemployed are "inoccupati" that means they are searching the first occupation. That are 500 thousands and they all met requirement 1 since they never officially worked (some could have worked all the time but did black work without paying taxes). About over 50 it is quite obvious that if an over 50 lost the job he won't be hired again because too old, so they met requirement 1 too, and of course many of them have relatives to care.

No clue of where Letta's 200 thousands number come.

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So you mean it's too small number because actually it encompasses much more of the society. The "need for experience" is everywhere. Companies want young people with experience, but will not give a chance to anyone with zero experince. Jus, of course, an unpaid internship, or worse, you have to pay for your internship.

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