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Emperor Dune 12

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This mod is inspired by the book Dune 12, a parody that I wrote with my brother 13 years ago. Harkonnen use spice for beauty masks, Atreides for medicines, Bene Gesserit as a drug, Tremend (indigenous people that tamed Sandcats) eat it and Ordos or Empire just sell it at transports companies (there isn't just the guild, there are two major companies one is CAODM that is professional but there is too Aliverso that is more ambitious and have a military fleet and land vehicles). Now that I think the numbers in the book are too big...for example there is a battle in a 100X100 km cave with billions of people.




Atreides Militia: Slow (3.5) and frail this soldier is very cheap and fast to produce. It has a better range than the regular infantry (6 instead of 5) and can see stealthed units.


Atreides Infantry: Little faster than above but still very slow (4.0) this soldier is sturdier than all other basic infantries. 


Atreides Boregiver: Armed with a bored module this soldier is able to inflict great damage against vehicles and is even better against aircraft because in addition of the damage is able to force their retreat. But isn't able to damage both infantry and buildings. In fact in the book the weapon make pilots lose control but don't damage them directly. I tried to use fedaykin model but it has a lot of problem targeting air units so I used imperial general model.


Atreides Engineer: Sturdiest engineer in the game.


Sand Bike: Cheaper and slower. In fact Atreides are famous for slow jeeps and crappy tanks in the book.


Mongoose: Weaker but cheaper and a little faster.


Medical Vehicle: Able to cure infantry and Sandcats. Also the cheapest crushing infantry unit.


Minotaur: A little faster.


AA Mine


Ornitopter: A little faster (but doesn't gain so much more speed with veterancy) and with selfhealing.





Harkonnen Soldier: Weaker than Atreides Militia but faster (4.5 speed) has a lower range than regular infantry (4) but is able to do area damage (he has a shotgun).


Harkonnen Assassin: Is the old Harkonnen Light Infantry with 4.5 speed, stealth when still and unstealth ability.


Harkonnen Trooper: Same unit but 4.5 speed.


Harkonnen Flamer: Same unit but 4.5 speed. More efficient against buildings.


Harkonnen Engineer: 4.5 speed and better with the pistol.


Improved by very little the speed of Buzzsaw, Devastator and MissileTank.




Ordos Scout

Ordos Chemical Trooper: Slower (5.0) but sturdier and deadlier. It cost 75 resources and slower to produce, so prepare being outnumbered. In fact in the book while Atreides have bigger population, Harkonnen a little less but more severe conscription laws, Ordos are rich but fewer.


Ordos Mortar


Ordos Saboteur

Ordos Fanatic: Is a weak and cheap Elite Sardaukar (knife and laser gun). There isn't Holtzman effect in the book, so no exploit with this unit.


Ordos Engineer: The weakest engineer, but at least has 5.0 speed.


Raider Trike: Fastest land vehicle, don't have the abilites of dust scout of burrowing but still selfrepair.


Deviator: Faster bullet, can deviate weakest type of infantry and can choke infantry to death but is still countered easily by infantry.


Lenardon Aviation. I had a professor with the same face of Dan Peterson that spoke light robocop. So in the book there are small robots with an advanced jetpack that aren't seen by aviation radar....too bad infantry model isn't able to to that and I used air drone model. Anyway is a lot weaker than air drone but cheaper.





Tremend Rider: Just a little above than regular infantry but is stealthed. Why he cost 150 resource? Because he can ride worms.


Tremend Warrior: The same sniper,  just it is renamed.


Tremend Trooper: A stealthed and stronger Kindjal Infantry.


Sandcat: A little slower than Raider Trike is able to burrow under dustbowl and is quite sturdy. He must be in contact with enemies to harm them.





Imperial Soldiers: Just regular Sardaukar renamed. In the book Sardaukar are the elite of the empire soldier, not the basic.


Imperial Sardaukar: Fires with a plasma gun that is effective against everything. Very expensive for being an infantry.


Imperial APC: Sturdier than the Atreides one but it is unarmed and unable to stealth.


Combat Tank: A weaker Assault Tank with a very little increase of speed and turnrate.





Drug Slave: Just the old Contaminator but with a little more health and cheaper.


Drug Injector: Like the old leech but with nearly decent damage against infantry that is gassed instead of shot. It is cheaper and a little slower and frail but the larva is faster in ruining the vehicle.


Illusion Maker:  Just like the old projector but cheaper and projections can't damage enemy units, also they endure more time.





Swiss Guard: Slow but very sturdy infantry with fast selfhealing ability. Kills infantry in contact, quite effective against buildings too.


Papal Bull: Just like infiltrators but with a deviator effect when explode. Because in real life when pope sent that or you convert or you die.


Holy Tower: A LOT weaker Tleilaxu tower. No energy require and works when windtraps are broken. Ordos could side with this faction for have this as AA turret.


Papal Fortress: Bigger and sturdier gas turret.


Artillery Tower: Tower with big range. Not enough to attack enemy base, but can avoid enemy to camp nearby your base. Has a minimum range and isn't so good against mobile targets.



Quad: More powerful than Buzzsaw, Raider Trike and Sand Bike, but also a little more expensive.


Fake Tank: Use the model of NIAB Tank but is unable to shoot or teleport. In the book Aliverso use 1 million fake tanks to deceive Harkonnen.


Aliverso Tank: A cheaper and weaker NIAB Tank, the firepower is half and the fact it recharge a little faster doesn't compensate enough. But is able to act faster after teleport.


Aliverso Airship: A little faster and less sturdy than Harkonnen Gunship, but able to damage both aircraft and land units. It uses ornitopter weapons but with less range. Weaker than Harkonnen and Atreides counterpart (Harkonnen bombard better, Atreides bombard and fight vehicles better because the range thing) it doesn't require to rearm in landing pad.





This mod doesn't use any new model. I'm curious if the cost and buildtime are balanced and if some units is totally useless or too useful even if I change that.




Papal Fortress and Artillery Tower make more sense (before were overpowered and useless at the same time...cheap and damage all bases because blastradius too big....now they are more expensive and precise).

Sardaukar and Fanatics are more resistant against LMG warhead.

Sandcats are less effective against medium vehicles, light vehicles and buildings but they do damage on small area...since in the book are usually at least 15 metres long make sense to hit more than a soldier at time.

Boregiver can both damage and force aircraft to retreat....it is just random. Before were able only to retreat without damaging it.




Artillery Tower more expensive but less friendlydamage.

Harkonnen Soldier deal 300 damage to infantry but has just 100 health.

Harkonnen Assassin use Sardaukar model, is very sturdy (1200), good range but very bad rate of fire.

Imperial Soldier use Harkonnen Light Infantry model, is less sturdy but the rate of fire improved greatly.

Boregiver deal more damage but can hit only one vehicle at time.

Ordos Fanatic sturdier.

Sonic Tank don't damage other Sonic Tank but damage Tremend infantry.

Emperor Dune 12.zip

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Version 1.01


Using extrarange, extradamage + unused weapons I managed to make the mod campaign compatible.

I corrected some bugs, nerfed the sandcat and balanced air combat (for example orni was weak and airship was too strong), also Sardaukar now is strong against all enemy types, his weakness is price, recharge time and the fact he is squishable.

Emperor Dune 12.zip

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There isn't new graphics, some units have the same graphics: Gunship and Airship (Gunship model...because NIAP model can't shoot), NIAB and Fake Tank (well...the are supposed to have the same graphics) , Sand Bike and Raider Trike.


The unused weapons that I found and used are Guildrocket_b and HomingMissile....Howitzer_b is labeled as unused but instead is used by Ordos Kobra. There is also a nearly unused warhead: pistol_w...it is used just by spicepuff, so you can alter the values and apply to real weapons.

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i have some icons you can use if you want? some of them might not be relevent to the units, but i have a nice one for the Sardaukar Tank that i am not using as of yet. I also noticed that Guild Mega Cannon and Ix Mega Cannon weapon stats are identical, i think the only i difference is the color of the plasma. and since that isnt really all too important they may aswell use the same warheads, opening up more possibilitys

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I did changed the warhead of Guild Mega Cannon and Ix Mega Cannon since the first version: Ix for infantry, Guild for vehicles. I worked even more and now they seem to be useful. I don't now if they are too good: they are supposed to be better than the regular turrets since Papacy as subhouse has just two units while the other 3-4.

I have also some doubt about Harkonnen Soldier's usefulness...area damage may be good but the Assassin is sturdier, deal more damage and is stealthed. Atreides Militia vs Atreides Infantry seems fine instead....one is for dealing damage and spotting, the other for absorbing bullets.

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Even if I disable factory they use at the beginning for exploring, then a little of light infantry and then only lots of troopers, some flamer and engineer. Atreides use masses of Boregiver and some infantry, they are very early tired of using militia, Ordos use chemical just at the beginning, then fanatics and mortar....with factory disabled a lot of mortar.

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