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AFBG; A Forum Based Game, based on rts.


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Of course it isn't an RTS. But perhaps it is since players can react any time.


It was a great success on another forum many years ago. But that forum died since the private (O)game where it belonged to died as well.


Let me put out the rules first, and lets see if it is even allowed by the moderators. I seem to be remembering that 1 line posts are forbidden? And spammer threads as well? And this will probably be such a thread.


At first it looks complex, but we will start easy. No meat/support systems yet. The armies fight at the same time. Most situations will be obvious, but not all. Those which are not, I will recalculate as well. If you don't use enough. I will tell you, sorry, but no win, why it is no win and when it would have been a win. Please be patient in this and learn from it. Thank you.

You are allowed to ask me what the most optimal would have been. I will be happy to tell you.


So let me post the rules to this game, and questions will be answered.


The rules to this game:

- First, a starting date and time will be announced by the referee. As well as the choices of units. And what the first army will be that has to be defeated.

- Second, a declaration of who wants to play. You can't join if the game has started. Players need to know how much enemies they have.

- Each player has the choice of several units. So each player could use the same units. But all are limited to their own unit pool in each round. The unit pool is posted (by me) when a new round is started.
- It is allowed to use just 1 unit or more of just 1 unit type. If you have spend to much of what you need, you can't use them any more. For example. you buy 3 out of 6 rifle infantry, but the next time you need 4 rifle infantry. You can't spend them any more. So be wise on your spending.

- Once again. Only 1 unit type is allowed. So no mix ups like for example 2 rifle infantry and 1 combat tank.
- If you defeat the enemy, you get 3 points. You could swing everything you have of 1 type, but that is not recommended.
- If you defeat the enemy with less army then the enemy, you get extra points by difference. So a tank of 6 defeated by a soldier of 3 means 3 extra points on top of 3. That is 6 points for that post.

- A tied is allowed and gives 1 point. And again a bonus if used less then the opponent. (This happens with overkill units like 1 Sniper against 7 Rifle Infantry, or this happens if both sides can't kill each other like ground to ground against air to air)
- If no one responds after 3 days after the last post, then the last player that had won or had a tied gets his/her amount of points doubled for that post. And and extra 1 point for every winning post that that player had.

- You are not allowed to post after your own post. This results in a disqualification unless the post is not part of the game sequence.

- A player can announce that he/she is out for that round. This player is of course not allowed to post afterwards any more. There has to be a minimum of 2 players remaining. Or the last one to throw in the towel has to post a final army.


The thinking part:
- Every post has to defeat the previous one for points. If not: Then that player does not receive points. However, a player is allowed to do this to provoke. The previous spend units are lost anyway. Perhaps this player can get some points by defeating another player that responds to the extra garbage squad. So players should not only look at the 1 post before them, but also the previous posts and think of the next posts.


The RTS part:

- It is wise to act if no 1 else is around. But if several players are on this forum, you might think alike and post after each other. The first one of course is in luck. The second one might waist his/her units.

- Editing your post is not allowed! And will result in your disqualification for that round. No points for that round. No exceptions.


The referee:

- That would be me since I know the game. I will keep the score, but it is advised that players keep score as well. This to stay tactical and keep the game going while I am away.

- Remember what you spend. I will keep track as well. As soon as I spot a failure, that post will give no points at all, even if it was a win. But the continuation goes on. Meaning, if a player spends 4 rifle infantry while it had to be 3. (Even if those 3 would win) Then that player does not get points. The next one will receive points as if there really where 3 rifle infantry. So keep track of other players as well, and don't waist to much units. So if the last player had 5 rifle infantry, then 4 was enough to win ;).

- If it is obvious that all players are done playing. Then I will get the score within those 3 days.

- Don't pm me about the game. If you think that I have made a mistake. Please post a correction for all to see and I will look into it.


Well, that would be about it. I know that there is 1 player already available. I will post an example of how the game works. Now an easier version. You add up all the armour of the squad that has to be defeated. Then you add up all the damage that you do. This has to be equal or higher then the armour. And you can do the same thing for your opponent to check if he manages to kill you as well.


Unit pool:

6 x Rifle Infantry

2 points, infantry 1 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 1 damage vs troopers)


3 x Rifle Troopers

4 points, trooper  4 armour, (2 damage vs infantry, 2 damage vs troopers)


4 x Grenadiers

3 points, infantry 1 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 4 damage vs troopers)


3 x Heavy Troopers

4 points, trooper  4 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 4 damage vs troopers)


2 Players; Bert and Ernie.


Referee places 3 x Heavy Troopers. 12 Armour and 3/12 damage.

Ernie responds with 4 x Grenadiers. 4 Armour and 4/16 damage. Grenadiers survive and kill the Heavy Troopers. Win +3.

Bert responds with 5 x Rifle Infantry. 5 Armour and 5/5 damage. Rifle Infantry survive and kill the Grenadiers. Win +3. Bonus +2. (With 4x Rifle Infantry it would be a tied, with 6 x Rifle Infantry there is no bonus)

Ernie responds with 3 x Rifle Troopers. 12 Armour and 6/6 damage. Win +3.

Bert responds with 3 x Heavy Troopers. 12 Armour and 3/12 damage. Win +3. With just 2 x Heavy Troopers it would have been a tied but with a bonus of +4. So if you think about it, this is a mistake of Bert.

Ernie responds with 4 x Rifle Infantry. 4 Armour and 4/4 damage. Tied +1. Bonus +4. With 6 x Rifle Infantry it would still be a tied but no bonus.

Bert responds with 4 x Grenadiers. 4 Armour and 4/12 damage. Tied +1.

Ernie cannot respond for a win or tied. So he sacrifices 2 x Rifle Infantry. Which looses.

Bert knows that he will not have the last round if he kills of these Rifle Infantry.

Bert responds with 1 x Rifle Infantry. Which looses.

Ernie responds with 1 x Heavy Trooper. 4 Armour and 1/4 damage. Win +3.

Bert knows he will loose. But one last effort for getting more points. Sometimes wise, sometimes not wise. In this case, it was unwise. (Since this is 2 players, he is also forced to declare an OUT!)

Bert responds with 3 x Rifle Trooper. 12 Armour and 6/6 damage. Win +3.

Ernie responds with 2 x Heavy Trooper. 8 Armour and 2/8 damage. Tied +1. Bonus +4. There we go, a bonus in the last round. So it was unwise of Bert.


The score:

Bert has won 3 times +9, tied 1 time +1 and had a bonus of +2. A total of 12 points.

Ernie has won 3 times +9, tied 2 times +2 and had a bonus of +8. A total of 19 points. Since Ernie had the last round a tied. Every win is another point +3 and the last post is doubled as well +5. A total of 27 points.


If Bert allowed Ernie to win with an out. And only using 1 Rifle Trooper. Then the scores would have been. 9 points for Bert and 24 points for Ernie. This looks worse then the 12 against 27.


Well The AQIB, the fights are easier to calculate now.

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You against me. I suggest you start after the Referee placement.


Unit pool (24 points each type, 96 points total):

12 x Rifle Infantry

2 points, infantry 1 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 1 damage vs troopers)


6 x Rifle Troopers

4 points, trooper  4 armour, (2 damage vs infantry, 2 damage vs troopers)


8 x Grenadiers

3 points, infantry 1 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 4 damage vs troopers)


6 x Heavy Troopers

4 points, trooper  4 armour, (1 damage vs infantry, 4 damage vs troopers)


Referee places 12 x Rifle Infantry. That is:

12 Armour and 12 damage vs infantry and 12 damage vs troopers.

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That is a win (+3) for you.

THE AQIB: 3 points.


Your army has 24 Armour and 12 or 12 damage.


I place 4 x Heavy Troopers:

16 Armour and 4 or 16 damage. They wont die, but wont kill you either. A tied.

However, I used way less points. You used 24 while I used 16. 24-16=8.


(A tied, + 1. Bonus +8).

X3M: 9 points.

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O dear, a smiley with glasses. That's supposed to be a plus with an 8.

Remember, editing is forbidden. But a double post without another army is not.

But I am glad you are trying. Don't be scared of losing ^^. I was pro at this since its like chess. Sometimes you can predict players.

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No, it isn't over. I simply double posted because editing a post with an army is forbidden. Because it would bring confusion.

I only wanted to rectify that,


+ 8)

is supposed to be


+ 8 )

That's all there is to it.


It is still your move.

It is over when no-one can place a move any more. Then the winner is decided by a total points. For now, you could reach up to my points.

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That is a win, you have + 3.

THE AQIB: 6 points.


Your 6 Grenadiers (18 in points) have 6 Armour and 6 Damage against infantry.


I place 7 x Rifle Infantry (14 in points). They win with 7 Armour and 7 Damage. + 3 and a bonus of + 4.

(I could have done 6 x Rifle Infantry and still have the same amount of points. But that win will get me another point in the end this time.)


X3M: 16 points.


Why did you choose for 6 Grenadiers? Is it a trap? :)

At least you are getting the hang of it. Good job.

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Your 6 Heavy Troopers can't beat 7 Rifle Infantry, however, my 7 Rifle Infantry don't have the damage as well for beating your 6 Heavy Troopers.

So it is a tied with a + 1 for you. No bonus, you did overkill with your spending.


THE AQIB: 7 points.


I can't use my remaining rifle infantry yet. My rifle troopers won't stand a chance either. I only have 2 heavy troopers left.

So I will be using grenadiers.


For beating 6 heavy troopers, I need at least 6 grenadiers. With 7 I win, but the bonus is 3 less. So.


Yeah, I place

6 x Grenadiers.


Tied + 1, bonus + 6.


X3M: 23 points.

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Yes, good. You win that one. + 3 and you have a bonus of + 2.


THE AQIB: 12 points.


So you used 8 armour with 8 damage.


The only way for me to respond to this is...


3 Rifle Troopers. With 12 armour and 6 damage.


A tied + 1 and a bonus of + 4.


X3M: 28 points.


There is no possibility any more for you to get a win or tied next post. And you only have 4 Rifle Infantry and 2 Grenadiers left. Which have no chance against my 5 Rifle Infantry or my other 3 Rifle Troopers. A wise decision on your part would to be giving up and only granting me those 28 points plus the wins on top and the double points of this last one.


I posted you some questions and suggestions in your pm. This game needs to be adjusted. Don't you think?

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Yeah, and I have found many illogical answers to some armies. With these rules in future games, 2 rifle infantry would tie with 1 combat tank. But the bonus for the rifle infantry user would be enormous.


I declare this little round invalid.

So please read my suggestions and tell me what you think about them. They are in your PM box.


After applying them: This game would be more like a real RTS where you have to try something before you know it is any good. But "newbs" would have good chances as well.

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