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Pathfinding and fatal unit errors


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Well, I don't know where to put this. So I put it here since it has to do with my gaming.


In several games I have witnessed how some of my units actually suicide while they are part of a "always large" group:

The unit(s) get the command to attack the enemy, but instead, they drive or walk towards the targeted enemy. Since they are singled out now because they are the closest to the enemy, the AI targets them and they are in most cases dead.


I have witnessed this in:

Warzone2100 where 1 to 2 units do this.

C&C3 where 1 to 4 units do this.


If I have only 1 unit selected, this never happens.


What kind of error could this be?

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The weird thing is, it is from 2 different game creators.

However, in KKND this sometimes happened as well when you played with ATV units. There is another game creator.

And I just realized that it happens with speedy units. Except in Warzone2100, where the slow ones do this too. But they can be stopped in time :D.


Perhaps someone who is familiar with path finding can tell me how this problem works :). Maybe there is a solution when you command your units, that you prevent this "mistake".

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