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A google drive problem

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I have just installed G-Drive on my pc but something seems to be wrong in it...

The sign in page comes and i enter details and hit "SIGN IN"....

Then the page 'one moment please' comes and don't move at all...

Any idea why this thing is not working???

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If you have Norton on your computer, disable it first. It stops the process without warning.

You might as well want to check out other virus scanners and firewalls.

As browser, you need Google Chrome. Firefox or Explorer does not support.

There has been an update somewhere last year that causes problems for everyone with a G-Drive. And apparently it still does.


My father stopped using G-Drive after that update. And is using dropbox again. Strange thing is, some people think that dropbox is worse then G-Drive. And some think the other way around. There are other options for online storage. But personally, I use a portable hard drive (like a USB) from Packard Bell and it hasn't failed me after all those (6+?)years. Although, those 80 gigs are notching these days :D


In this link, the responses of people are important.


Knock your self out.

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