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Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (Sega Megadrive version)


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Dune 2 the Sega Mega drive version made me insane for rts games. There were great games that followed like TA, Dark Reign, Cnc and Sc1. But this Dune game is still my favorite it is mainly because of the music/unit graphics and gameplay. Here is a link to what i am talking about if you get bored fast forward to 11:00.

The music was sped up in this video.

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Yeah, played it. It's the first RTS game with context sensitive unit commands as simplification for command buttons, like Dune II and Warcraft 1 have.

It's also the first Westwood game with an internal tracks list with named music pieces :D

Why did you post this here, though? there is a Dune II subforum.

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Topic moved. Also, it should be noted that the correct title of the SMD version is Dune: The Battle for Arrakis, as the guys from Westwood were eager to get rid of the confusing "2", which was only added to the original PC title because Cryo were faster to release their Dune game.

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