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How can I play the Emperor Dune Cooperative Campaign ?


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I've got 2 copies of emperor the battle for dune.

Both legit... 4discs + keys.

I really want to play the coop campaign mode.

Is this at all possible anymore?

I log into an online server: (xwis I think? I'm not sure)

-- but when I try to host a game, it crashes on the connecting screen. (for both computers)

(I can get a coop game started, and it plays the movie, but the game crashes on the connecting screen)

(I can play lan games.)

Is it possible to play it over LAN?

Is there a way I can host my own wol style server - just to play coop?

When you're playing coop, can you save / load games, or do you hafta play it straight through?


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This happens to me and armorlord too.

Beforehand we could play coop sucessfully but now strangly XWIS crahses on him and sometimes on me.

Sorry man, I guess XWIS is no longer supported for EBFD, and I wish there was a way to do Lan Coop on Hamachi/Tunngle.

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