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Where to play now?


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Hey guys. Great to see people still keeping it alive.


Despite being busy as anybody else / everybody else I still find myself checking back here and wanting to get back in to playing. I think I will install EBFD using one of my many sets of CDs lying around (heck, I had at least 4 sets of the game!). At least one of them must be still working.


I will give Tunngle a go seeing as most of you seem to be talking about that. I hope it all works on my Win7 setup. Oh, and if I do make it on go easy on me, last time I played was...well, about 5-7 years I reckon.

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Right, little update on my last post. I managed to get tunngle working soon after the last post and was waiting to get around to installing the game (my laptop doesnt have a CD/DVD drive so took time). As I went to install it last week I realised I already had it installed from when I tried to make my own server (failed to - it logs in and can host a game..but I cant code!).


So I went online and found Newlords. He proceeded to give me the very asskicking I asked not to be given if I get online 8). Amazing after so many years I remembered some of the shortcuts and certain actions, they were like second nature. I need to get a mouse and practice a little but who knows, maybe I can start playing a bit more.


Hopefully I will see some of you people on the sand.

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