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BSOD, GFX problems & More

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Hello chaps, I've been having a few problems ever since putting this newish rig together.

1. Sometimes on start-up the graphics appear corrupted (before windows boots), with lines running across the screen. When it reaches the windows start-up, the screen simply goes black and the computer must be manually restarted. Resetting the computer before windows begins loading (either by the reset button or ctrl-alt-del) always fixes the graphics corruption and allows the computer to boot normally.

2. Sometimes the computer seems to freeze up. The cursor still functions, etc, but no new programmes can be opened, no websites navigated to, and sometimes programmes cannot be closed either. Eventually Windows tries to close the nonresponsive programmes itself and usually fails. After a little longer a BSOD appears, along with the system's attempt at dumping the memory -- this appears to fail utterly (such that there are no helpful error logs available on my system, as far as I can work out). This freezing-up usually occurs (in fact pretty much only occurs) when browsing the internet.

I'm not sure whether these issues are at all related, to be honest. The first seems like it might be some kind of graphics card issue -- a dodgy connection or similar, or even just some dust in the slot. The second might be an issue with running Windows from the SSD, but it seems rather extreme for a simple SSD firmware issue or similar.

So any help at all would be much appreciated. Will provide any requested info as quickly as I can. :-)

Many thanks. DxDiag attached.

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Have you tried different cables going to your monitor? hdmi/dvi/vga ? Possible that just one of your output in video card is bad (also try different cables ie more than one dvi cable).

Try updating video card driver. Says you have February version.

So this happened as soon as you put together computer etc? Maybe try reinstalling windows. If still happens, slap in an empty hdd and install windows to it, if no problems could be ssd problem.

Problem 1 sounds like vid card issue, but problem 2 sounds like SSD issue with 'stuttering' etc.

Have you updated firmware on SSD? There is a recent version from 2 weeks ago. You have AHCI enabled in bios for SSD?


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