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map editor beta problem


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Hello everybody, i had a problem with the map editor, i wonder or you maybe could help me...

I have done the tuturial, followed all instructions, but... when it says that i can start the game and play, i start the game, but it is not in the list of maps!   i have followed the instruction ten times or so, and i looked in help(where i din't find even my problem!). Maybe you guys can help me out...

I wanna play my map!  


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you can download it at dune editing, what it does is it compresses the maps and creates readme files so that emperor will show them in the map selection screen. If you do not use it then the map will not show up. You can download it under utilities in the sidebar menu. I'm not sure if Dune Editing downloads are up again yet though. But if not try and find the Program "Map Packer".

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