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i believe in intelligence and i think that our life will never end .

we are stronger than our red giant (our sun explosion). i think we still have millions of years on earth just imagine what technology

we will have in hands . i believe human race will abandon this planet when the sun runs out of fuel .

just like we go and find new water wales when the ones we have runs out .

my theory is not to reach another living planet but to make our own artificial planet just like we made cities

we need to make something i can call a planetary ships the size of those ships will make it hard to lunch it from earth

so they will be made out side earth , its like heaven in religious . the ships will make its own water and food and oxygen

and fuel . to do this we must be good as god told us and not fight or destroy our planet .

or we will face hell which is the red giant its not about who will go or stay its about we all go or we all burn .

those ships will sail tho and will not stand still even for millions of years we will live on it and mine from space

the resources we need . and live normally for a final goal which is to find another young sun with a living planet

in its solar system . at that point our knowledge will go high and higher and intelligence will beat death

and we will live for ever as god promised .

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Perhaps we turn our own planet into a spaceship. And we travel through space by bending the space itself.

Then we go and conquer other "useful" planets and turn them into the same type of spaceships.

But once we have the technology to bend the space, why not make our own sun lighter by removing unwanted material, so it will live longer. Actually, if you think about it, stars die because they develop metal tumours in their core. Stars feed life so the life can grow advanced and cure the starts whatever they develop during their lifetime. Another form of life perhaps?

Space bending has also other advantages: Remember, Stewie and Brian in Road to the Multi-verse. Where Brian gets something removed. Will the space bending be possible on extremely small scale, or extremely large? Wouldn't space bending be a very important technology to open other possibilities?

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