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I have ideas....


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I have ideas for mod but no idea to do one.  :'( Here is my plan:

Fremen have:

Fedaykin, same as original

Warrior, same as original

Knifer, Fremen with crysknife, very fast, 1hit infantry killer also cheap, the fremen scout

Fremen Fighter, Light infantry cloaked

Stolen Thopter, Ornithopter with missiles

Stolen Lasthopter, Ornithopter with lasgun

Fremen Gatherer, not sure if possible but an infantry spice gatherer, twice the speed, half the capacity

Stolen Harvester, regular harvester, slightly faster, smaller capacity for spice

Fremen Lasgunner, Cloaked fremen with lasgun

Timed Lasgun, a turret that moves slowly, fires at shielded units, very cheap.

Fremen Launcher, Fremen with rocket launcher AA ability

Fremen Dune Runner, Light bike (sand bike)


Flame trooper

Rocket Launcher Trooper, whatever his name is

Harkonen Scout, now has pistol

Inkvine Trooper, Fires inkvine? Possible?

Harkonnen Gunner, armed with minigun

Harkonnen Engineer, same (note fremen have no engineer, they are too naive to use that much trickery)

Assassin, cloaked, kills infantry one hit, lightly armored

Harkonned Artillery, standard artillery

Harkonnen Lasgunner, standard lasgunner

Harkonnen Harvester, with light cannon

Harkonnen Bombthopter, Ornithopter with powerful warheads

Harkonnen Sniper, rifles stolen from Arrakeen allowed the Harkonnen to use Atreides technology

Harkonnen Battle Tank, Powerful tank

Note Harvesters, tanks, and artillery extremely worm tasty. Infantry even attract worms Worms much more worrisome in this. Dont expect your harvesters to get full loads of spice

Suggestions, flames, comments, putdowns, swearing at for having no idea what I'm talking about welcome

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