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Fremen (Tuareg) independence?

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Seems that despite lower numbers tuareg managed to beat Mali army and half Mali is under their control. Now they have to fight qaedist but....notice the difference. In Libya Cirenaica guys fought not for independence but for control Tripoli too and allied themselves with Al Qaeda, now that Al Qaeda said that is agains't secession shitty international community seems to have the same opinion of Al Qaeda.

Even people who dislike Tuareg should recognize that at least they are more efficient than the bigger Mali army against the Qaeda menace.

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I'm sorry to say that they got washed out of Azawad by the salafists. Because the Tuareg can only rely on themselves while the salafists got reinforcements from all over the place. I actually followed the whole deal very closely and I'm really sad about the touaregs. Right now the salafists are destroying the religious muslim relics in Timbuktu (UNESCO patrimony) because they say it's idolatry and not "pure" islam.

Let's just hope the touareg will manage to push those bastards out.

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