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Kindjal, you are hilderith? lol How stupid I am!

I have missed you to use that nick for a long time. You have accepted me on your buddy list in facebook. My name is guess silontee ppw. :-)

Silontee is my another nick in emp online. Most players know pearlman is silon, so i guessed you have already known it.

Yeah but Im using another account now ... Let me add you on that one bro

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1. LASTGO (afk) VS 2.skynet

3.roadkill VS 4.sjleo (afk)

5.MALYUTA SKURATOV (retired) VS 6.chaos

7.mileswest (must challenge) VS 8.centner


9. DARTV (afk) VS 10.kindjal86

11.atom 2-0 VS 12.moroz666

13.elsipues VS 14.shtorm (must challenge)

15.newlords 2-0 VS 16.kralizets (fremen)


Only 2 results out of 8 received so far.If there are any outstanding let me know before or on 12th april.The next round will start on the 13th april.

Possible fixtures for 13th april

1.skynet vs 2. roadkill

3.choas vs 4. centner

5.kindjal87 vs 6. atom

7.elsipues vs 8. newlords

I won... DartV never plays....

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Radar patch.zipA quick up date on my points tourenament i had in april.

Due to lack of interest it has been cancelled :unsure:

i gonna start something called the emp challenge in may even though the chances of success is low :dry:

You can download radar patch v5.01 which is compatible with emperor 1.09.

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