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End of Nations (created by the creators of Dune2?)


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I only just heard about this game.

It seems to be around for a little time?

1 season has already been played?

It seems to be 100% free?

And the people behind it where the creators of Dune 2!

The 1 person who thought of creating Dune 2, also known as it's father. Has also thought of this game?

It allows 52 players at the same time on 1 map?

It kinda looks good if you ask me. :)

Where can I get it?!? I searched in all shops in my town,... again for a game that I want :(

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Here's their official website. Apparently, there's an open beta already available.

I've heard of the game before, it's developed by Petroglyph (a company founded by ex-Westwood people who left after Westwood was acquired by EA), so some people who've been involved in the development of Dune II (like Frank Klepacki) must have taken part in it too. Personally, I generally don't play online, and I'm not at all excited about a "massive multiplayer online RTS", be it free or not (the FAQ sounds like it's going to be a freemium* type of product).

*Well, maybe more like the microtransactions type.

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