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How much research has gone into Dune 2000 PSX?


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I just coded up a program that will take the files extracted by redalert-ps1-ietool.exe (by Crasht) and rename them from 00000000.mis to _prac.mis. I figure this is as good a time as any to ask: Has anyone done any reserach on the PS1 version of Dune 2000?

Also, while trying to figure out who made the file extractor, I found nyergud's version of the program I just made. I am an idiot.

Would anyone object to me uploading the extracted files to 4shared (since they can't be used to play the game)?

P.S. Everytime I hit an arrowkey on this form, it scrolls the scrollbar/removes focus instead of moving left/right/up/down a character. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Some months ago, I started modding Dune 2000 for PSX. Had some levels finished, but I quited modding it, even don't know why.

But I have these files lying somewhere on my HDD.

It would be a very good mod if I wasn't too lazy to work on it :D Maybe someday...

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