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{Release} Battle For Arrakis (Redux) Harkonnen Campaign

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Hey everyone,

I was going to wait to finish the Ordos campaign to release this, but id figure I'd let everyone try out the Harkonnen one before I make that.

This is a remade campaign for the Harkonnen, Maps are completely redone, as well as missions and text files (new briefings and messages). You will find some difficulty rise even on normal in some maps.

Please be aware that its beta release, so if you come across any problems please post them here.

I skipped h1v1-2 and started from h2v1-2 and on. Also be aware that H9V1 is not included due to some AI difficulties, I could not get the AI to stop doing something stupid :blink: .

Check out the Readme for more.

All feedback is acceptable! ;)

Have fun.

Battle For Arrakis (Redux).zip

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Redux means 'brought back' or revisited. Pretty much an alternative way to the campaigns for each of the houses. Also Its just h3v1 on that post, so you do not need to update it. Just to let everyone know on this post, I will be updating all my campaigns again.

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