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Emperor: Sands of Blood, Looking for People


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I am looking for someone to help share the load in making this mod go from a concept to a reality.

More or less, I am willing to open up a google documents account, and post the rules.ini there, so those involved are able to work on that, (along with the appropriate corresponding file that controls icons etc.)

Those interested, throw me a line as a private message, or toss me a IM.


Oh, and remember, this is an infantry only mod with few vehicles.

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I think it would be nice if you posted a major outline of your mod, a roadmap of sorts perhaps. That would help get people interested. Also, it is perhaps a good idea to post in the Emperor sub-forum here too, since Emperor modders seemingly do not frequent the Dune Editing forum lately.

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All of a sudden, I realized that you should probably check out Project Perfect Mod Forums. The community is primarily dedicated to modding Command & Conquer series of games, but Emperor obviously shares a lot of similarities (once you mentioned adding warheads, I immediately remembered messing with Tiberian Sun's Rules.ini some time ago, there are quite a few intricacies and a lot of hardcoded stuff there, I'm not sure if Emperor is more flexible in this respect). The forums have a public mod announcements section, you can start a thread about a mod for any game, not just C&C. I guess there's a good chance some people will crop up there who'll be interested in your project :)

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Thanks greatly! I'll check that out in a few hours, going to do a bit of stuff with the rules.InI i've been working on.

I've got a hefty chunk done actually, it's mostly just the harder concept stuff that's got me a bit stumped. (The supply dealie, for the most part) outside of that the only real help I may need is with icons, textures, and some sound stuff. (I was thinking of yanking some sound effects and buildmenu icons from from dune2k)

I was also thinking of redoing all the superweapons into a few support things, like airstrikes/artillery etc. Less poweful of course.

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Thats a shame, Emperor: Battle for Dune needs more mods. I was thinking of starting one, but I'm unsure what to do, I used to mod CnC games - Tiberian sun/Yuris revenge but that was many moons ago. I know it Emperor uses .ini files but when I opened them in a .txt file,the information was all over the place! I was thinking of trying TibEd.

I really like this game by I feel there is a total lack of units. Each unit has a perfect counter part and is perfectly balanced, yet i get the samey kind of feeling. No matter which side I use.

What would I add to the game you say?

Each side would have a differnet type of energy structure.


Cold fusion power station - produces blue and white steam effect


Combustor Power Station - produces Fire Flames Black smoke effect

House Ordos:

Genetic Bio Dome - produces Green Smoke effect

Defensive structures:


? Sonic Tower

Mortor Tower

AA gunner


Missile Tower

Disc Tower - A catapult that fires sharp discs

AA Tower

House Ordos:

Long distance Laser turret

Top up Laser AA turret

Next I would also add:

New units:

one for tank for each side.

another plane.

Another form of wall perhaps

Gates - got to love gates!

If I could I would change the super weapons perhaps.

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