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Dune2 1.07 Russian


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Haha, nice! Did you base your translation on the AnyKey Entertainment version, or some other version? (I've heard there was a different one, really hard to find nowadays though)

I've updated the AnyKey version to v1.07 via a custom-made patch quite some time ago, which is available here. I also did some editing of the text, fonts, as well as other tweaks.

Also, if the archive you've attached contains the complete game, I must ask that you only leave the modified files which comprise the Russian translation (and original, unmodified files should be left out), otherwise it falls under the "no pirated software" rule. Thank you for your understanding.

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Doesn't dune 2 count as abandonware? I've made edits to dune2.exe, can't leave it out. Also according to license, translated text files have a proprietary format and can't be distributed. If the link is to be removed, so be it.

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IIRC there are files that don't need to be modified in the process of translation - MENTAT.PAK, FINALE.PAK, SOUND.PAK and maybe one or two others. Removing them does not affect the localized version but at the same time you can't say someone got the full game by downloading it, and you can also specify that the original game is required to play the translation.

Here's an opinion about abandonware that you might perhaps find useful:


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