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Planet X/Nibiru


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i posted before about 2012 i knew it sounded silly at that time based on that movie .

but i was watching the news on the local channels so they are not used to say rumors

it was about some large planet headed toward earth or near it or something like that i havent

been drinking for years now but i must admit i had a couple of beers this afternoon hehe

i made some googling and nasa is going all over the place about this .

its called Planet X/Nibiru . am sorry if i sounded ignorant here but i really dont have friends

to ask and i know many guys here are intellect .

dont make it sound like am scarred please .i mean i know i can die for 100000s of reasons

and that would mean the end of the world for me so am not one of those i want to take

everyone else with me kind of theory . but with all these rumors around i mean u tube is going

insane and were i live in the middle east it really looks odd , people are roaming the streets

day and night like playing left4dead 2 . they dont trust their leaders or the army or each others

or anything . you hear all kinds of stories about seeing angels ghosts and demons in day light .

even the religious leaders are taking parts in this . sorry for the strong material in this post

as for me i dont feel much of all this happening around me . this post for me is more like asking

you guys more than just starting a topic , what the hec is going on ? and what is that surprise

at 11/11/11 ????

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