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My mod of the v1.56 exe file converts oil into rubber (plastic) at chem plants after about 1940. You need a copy of the RR Tycoon CD in order to use it.

In general, each building in the game can have up to four demand / conversion / production / booster instructions, and each range of dates for a commodity counts as a separate instruction. In addition, the commodities themselves can be set to be demanded by "cities" or "towns".

I have mapped out the whole data table (and several others) within the EXE file. The details are in "EXE Data.ods", included in the zip file in the OP linked above.

BTW, I've been trying for over a year to contact Take2 Software about RRT2 rights and source code for a possible patch, but I can't even get a reply out of them. If they're interest is so low, then maybe they can be convinced to do a GPL release so we can do even more, like exterminate some bugs. There's a wish-list thread around here somewhere that I'll hunt down and reactivate if Take2 ever accommodates us.

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