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  1. Thats it, thanks. I had an odler version 201203. 🙄
  2. There are 2 spreadsheets inside the zip. One for the "LocomotivData" and one "Cargo". But in both I can´t find what Iam looking for 🤔
  3. Hi everyone, i have 3 RT2 Questions: Is it possible to create a event that causes the cannery to accept steel after 1930? For making the Mods (the changes in RT2 .exe?) you need a Hex Editor right? Does anybody have a "translation Sheet" so I can see which Line changes what for the 1.56 Version? Many greetings from Germany Nils
  4. hallo, is there a chance to edit the industrial production? (maybe with a change in a specific file?) for example: i want that the chemical factory also produce rubber. is it possible? best regards nils
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