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Mouse scroll is too fast


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Whenever i try and scroll dune with my mouse it scrolls ultra fast i tried editing my mouse settings changed compatibility all of that. It just dont work. The game screen also flickers as well.

The program worked flawlessly on windows xp, and one day the problem you describes just appeared, I have no idea why. When I move the mouse on a unit or building, the mouse animation is ultra fast, and scrolling the map is ultra fast! The game also halts every second for a few milliseconds.

I don't remember installing anything other than the latest flash, which I uninstalled since, but the problem remains.

Please help, any ideas?

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I have an Ati Radeon HD4550. I read that I should install the oldest driver I can find? But recently I did not install a newer graphics driver! Can this be because of installing DirectX 9 for another game? I had DirectX9 already but had to install anyway.

Those f and g switches make no difference.

I was able to resolve this by forcing vertical sync on! Woot!

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I found the easiest way to fix this was by slowing my cpu a lot. I downloaded BES – Battle Encoder and slowed the game to -99% processor and it runs perfect now. So much frustrations fixed easily. FYI I'm using windows xp.

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