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Different versions (AMI/PC,1.0/1.7,US/EU/HS)

It came from the desert

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I've browsed the forum a bit, and noticed that occasionally these things pop up, possibly a bit off-topic, in threads here and there. A while later I became interested in the topic and searching for answers proved difficult. So I'm asking for input from people who know what are the differences in different versions of Dune II. Platform ports, version numbers, locales, anything goes. So let's gather up a concise list and put it up on a wiki or something (if such a thing exists point me at it, couldn't find one).

Things I've read about:

-Some mentat topics were dropped in later versions after 1.0?

-Some animations were cut likewise, the opening dome in Hi-Tech?

(What's the logic in stuff like this anyway, cut content in updates?)

-Something about a different font in a European release? Anyone have pics for comparison's sake?

What else?

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The version history of Dune II on PC seems as follows:

  • 1.0 - original US release, titled "The Building of A Dynasty";
  • 1.07 (US) - patched US release, here are the details about what was changed;
  • 1.07 (HS) - European release, titled "The Battle for Arrakis" (HS comes from the publisher, HitSquad). Supports English, German and French. There seem to be no differences gampleay-wise from the 1.07 (US) version.
  • 1.07 (EU) - another European release that comes from a somewhat later date. It fixes errors in the German and French translations, otherwise it's practically the same thing as 1.07 (HS). The Amiga version seems to be based on this release of the game.
  • There's also a demo version that is based on v1.07, found by Nyerguds on the Legend of Kyrandia CD. It doesn't do anything besides playing the intro video, but has the French language files from an even later date, with different, better quality speech files made by a different speaker.

The cosmetic differences between the 1.07 versions are as follows:

  • The European releases, having changed the title, no longer have the voice-over in the intro video that says "Dune: The Building of a Dynasty", although the speech files are still there in the game.
  • The European versions have slightly different, more narrow fonts (presumably made to fit longer text in French and German). In the HS version, this only concerns the capital letters of the font used in Briefings and for all sorts of messages:
    (US version)
    (HS version)
    (EU version)
  • In the EU version, the small sidebar font is also narrowed down. What is interesting that this version actually uses a separate font for the German language, but for some reason it is identical to the one used for English and French.
  • In the EU version, the items in the game options and save/load menus are aligned to the left. In all other versions, they are centred. This is supposedly done because the EU version's menu items in French and German are numbered, and numbered lists don't look nice if centred.
  • In the EU version, the option to load game on the main menu screen is "Load Game"; in all other versions, it's "Load a game", which is the same item as in the in-game options menu.

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