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"Why not?"

This was one of the reasons for starting to write, again, after a long break.

Another is that it would be a character-building exercise - see if I could keep it up, writing every day about several topics which were only loosely related.

Started only a few days ago, but so far I've found things to write about, now I just have to hone my skills. In a certain period of time - a few months, a year, two - I'd like to be able to have some income from my writing. Wanted to be a writer since I first read "Dune", that nine(!) years ago, might as well get to it. Write and write and keep writing, it might be rusty, clunky junk at first but I'm confident that it'll get better with time - practice makes better, never perfect. But better is still better.

How about all of you? Do you follow any blogs, publish one(or several), make guest posts? What do you enjoy reading about?

Mine are a bit of a mix - news about psychedelic drugs, poor-boy travel, and a little guide to my home city.

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I used to keep a blog, but my postings became more and more erratic during grad school, and now I just don't have any interest in blogging. Mostly because I don't think there is very much interesting stuff going on in my life. I also write mostly on this board if I write at all. I should get better about that, since writing is a really important skill that needs consistent practice. Is your blog linked to your username? I may check it out :)

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