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Britney or Lady Gaga


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I was thinking about this thread yesterday while washing dishes. I was listening to Sarah Maclachlan on my ipod, and it was on shuffle, and it was playing music from Solace, which is the only album of hers that I don't particularly like (not counting the live stuff, which I don't own and typically ignore). Britney used to be mildly entertaining, and Gaga is basically 60% Madonna/30% Manson/10% Cascada so I like her older stuff, but I feel like I'm turning into an old fogey, and I just don't love the pounding beat and difficult-to-understand lyrics. Sarah, though... I read about an Australian study where people ranked the celebrity with whom they would cheat on their spouse, and although it wouldn't be Sarah for me, I'll admit... I would think about it.

I like Cascada, & Natalie Horler. Am looking forward to dancing to "San Francisco". Kudos to you for getting married.

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