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Use Ordos ;D

Seriously though, try this

Deploy good old construction yard.

Build windtrap  ::)(duh)

While doing that, if you have a large starting money, upgrade your construction yard.

Build barracks

Build refinerery, while doin that, build troops, firstly scouts, depending on map size, then troops to shoot any scouts that try to get in your base, line em up on your ramps, upgrade your barracks if you have a large amount of money.

Soon as the barracks is upgraded, mortor, basically start on troops for base defense.

OK, refinary is up and running, need more money cause at the moment your spending it pretty bad, upgrade your ramps.

Build your Heavy machinery factory doin this

Then it all depends on the game.

If the other player is a dope, build laser tanks and run your AA troops out to his spice field.

If he/she saw that comin, then adapt, cause thats what they'll do, at least your laser tanks can skim around and attack different stuff, so no loss there.  But I'd focus then on updating your factory and getting some more base defense and a attack force to protect your harvesters.  Its best with Ordos though if your attacking them, cause they ain't the stand and defend type of army on the spice field.

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