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This is a request from me for a WOL serial number which works! Also pls send your login name and pass as it asks for it?


First, read here : http://www.dune2k.com/forum/YaBB.pl?board=emperor-generalstrategy;action=display;num=1015436592 (I am the same Monwar - I was a guest before) :

"This is part of another post at the Atriedes board :

on 03/06/02 at 08:51:45, timenn wrote:It can I think, at least try it... Emperor doesn't use that much of your connection. It's made that way that it send not much packages. But as I said, just try it. Having a good computer is more important then having a speedy connection (Altough 28k8 is the minimum according to WW)

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