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  1. Hi, This is a request from me for a WOL serial number which works! Also pls send your login name and pass as it asks for it? Why? First, read here : http://www.dune2k.com/forum/YaBB.pl?board=emperor-generalstrategy;action=display;num=1015436592 (I am the same Monwar - I was a guest before) : "This is part of another post at the Atriedes board : on 03/06/02 at 08:51:45, timenn wrote:It can I think, at least try it... Emperor doesn't use that much of your connection. It's made that way that it send not much packages. But as I said, just try it. Having a good computer is more important then havi
  2. Hi, A silly question really! I can't play mp vs ppl due to my slow speed. Instead I play with the AI in hard mode. I often use the pause key to micromanage my troops and for placement of buildings. Is it considered cheating? I mean, in a mp match, nearly everyone is human and everyone gets the same resources. But in hard mode, AI builds faster, gets more resources and calculates much more better than me! The AI can manage EVERY SINGLE TROOP in any given time! I can't. So should it be considered cheating? I am not saying that I move EVERY troop EVERY time after pausing. I use it mainly in the s
  3. Hi, What's the best strategy for 8p games vs the AI. In jammed maps, 2-3 AI with higher and speedier prodcution starts attacking my harvesters. When I provide harvester defense, other AIs use their troops to tear up the meagre base defense. Sometimes, at the early game, I use snipers and kindjal in rocks to prevent them from coming near the spice fields. But with three fully upgraded refineries, my spice really ends up quick. So then my carryalls have to go to far away (and often enemy controlled fields) to gather spice. And then those bustard leeches and sardaukar get my haresters and carryal
  4. Sorry but I can't yet figure out how to use waypoints. Can anyone help? I can place the markers easily : 1, 2, 3 etc. But then how do I order a vehicle or soldier to follow it? After setting the waypoints, I right click to finish it. But how do I make the guys follow it? TIA for any help!
  5. Fuck it!!! How can a great game as this not sell well? It's as good as, if not better than Red Alert 2. The music, the grafix - it has one of the best grafix in strategy games. The snipers dying after a flame infantry attack - what a scene! The missions are great, the skirmish mode is versatile and absolutely addicting, the multiplayer is unbelievably good - so much strategies and fun - WHY THE HELL DID THIS GAME NOT SELL WELL??? I am very disappointed to learn that there will be no add-on. Can't we, as the largest community, do something (such as write a petition)? Why the hell can RA2 have
  6. Red Alert 2 got Yuri's Revenge, any chance of such an add-on or x pack for our favourite EBFD? Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I'm new :( If there is a chance of an xpansion pack, when will it be released? Cheers ;)!
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