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Question, where did this new more dangerous Virus come from?

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There are two varieties one in Mexico and one in Europe that are made up of 4 or 5 older viruses.

yet, they are not exactly of the same design. 

These 4 or 5 parts have done their damage to the human race individually in the past.

Can this combining of different varieties into one super variety, really happen in nature?    Or, was it designed?

I hear that if it becomes as bad as expected, whole communities of people may be quarantined to their homes.

There is a meeting tomorrow of the world governments some place in Europe, Geneva I think, to make plans for this possibility.  So far only 6 percent of victims catching one of these varieties have died, most in Mexico.

I wonder if this is a calling wolf creation, a new world order or some other plan or just nature doing its' thing?


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The flu virus(es) are constantly mutating. The Spanish Flu of 1918 no longer exists, outside of laboratories; it mutated into a less virulent strain. At any given time, there are probably dozens of different strains in various locations around the world. That's why there is no universal vaccine against the flu.  A vaccine that is effective this year is not effective next year because of the mutations.

This week I have to write about SARS in China. Quarantining entire communities and letting the disease run its fatal course was the Chinese solution.

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The way the news people call it, makes it sound like the sky is falling. raining tons of virus on us.

But when haven't the news papers done this.  I hope the average person does think about how these lies are now guiding out country.

Another news item:

I read today that yesterday was the day that the government used up the last of our tax dollars for this fiscal year.

From now on they are operating on borrowed money that the tax payers will have to re-pay later.

I read that the government could balance todays budget if they doubled taxes.

But, they are still increasing government spending so I guess they will have to more than just double the taxes.

As it is today the average American, each man women and child owes a part that equals 162 thousand dollars of debt per person.

The non-Americans do add a small amount of taxes; but then they can move back to Mexico or some other home country and still collect our Social security benefits.  That and other benefits, Schooling , medical, Etc., make their contribution toward paying this debt, below zero.

I have heard that the economy is now at the bottom; Yet each month the fall of the economy continues.

GM is trying to restructure and the government for its' help wants in return a majority of GM stock.

That means the government will own the company.  Seems Socialistic to me.  Isn't that about the way that Communism does it, except under Communism the government just takes what it wants.

So, what else is new.

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(Reuters) - A deadly swine flu never seen before has broken out in Mexico, killing at least 16 people and raising fears of a possible pandemic. World Health Organization officials said the flu has killed about 60 Mexicans.

Here are some facts about the virus and flu viruses in general:

* The World Health Organization has confirmed at least some of the cases are a never-before-seen strain of influenza A virus, carrying the designation H1N1.

* Although it's called swine flu, this new strain is not infecting pigs and has never been seen in pigs. The threat is person to person transmission.

* It is genetically different from the fully human H1N1 seasonal influenza virus that has been circulating globally for the past few years. The new flu virus contains DNA typical to avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses.

* The World Health Organization is concerned but says it is too soon to change the threat level warning for a pandemic-- a global epidemic of a new and dangerous flu.

* When a new strain of flu starts infecting people, and when it acquires the ability to pass from person to person, it can spark a pandemic. The last pandemic was in 1968 and killed about a million people.

* Seven people in the United States have been diagnosed with the new strain. All have recovered, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects more cases.

* Flu viruses mutate constantly, which is why the flu vaccine is changed every year, and they can swap DNA in a process called reassortment. Most animals can get flu, but viruses rarely pass from one species to another.

* From December 2005 through February 2009, 12 cases of human infection with swine influenza were confirmed. All but one person had contact with pigs. There was no evidence of human-to-human transmission in those cases.

* Symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to those of seasonal influenza -- sudden onset of fever, coughing, muscle aches and extreme tiredness. Swine flu appears to cause more diarrhea and vomiting than normal flu.

* Seasonal flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people globally in an average year.

* In 1976 a new strain of swine flu started infecting people and worried U.S. health officials started widespread vaccination. More than 40 million people were vaccinated. But several cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a severe and sometime fatal condition that can be linked to some vaccines, caused the U.S. government to stop the program. The incident led to widespread distrust of vaccines in general.

(Reporting by Maggie Fox)

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I listened to and read more about this new Virus.  The following is from a number of sources:

The new virus is made up of a pig virus, a bird virus and 2 or 3 human viruses.  Viruses tend to be species specific.  If these 5 mixed and  developed in nature, it will be the first time that this type of mixing has happen.  A virus does mutate and can be carried by one species and passed to another spiecies.  A number of specialists seem to think because of this mixing it has to be a man made virus. The strain in Mexico seems to have a special species specific formulation.  World wide, only large numbers of Mexicans are dying.

Other places such as In Europe and the US the death toll seems to be minimal for some reason. 

A Mexican doctor stated he was not allowed to list mexican deaths as virus caused and there may really be well over 2000 virus deaths in Mexico.  The news this morning reports over 180 deaths in Mexico.  No one, as of today,has finalized a DNA study to discover exactly what this virus is all about.  The danger level is now only one number below being a pandemic event.  I hope this is not just a scare tactic to make people believe they need more Socialized government controls that will protect them. 

Obama's group is saying there is not a big danger:  But then, why are they making arrangement to use ice skating rings and cold storage  plants etc. to hold dead bodies.  They are also pushing for more rights for the government to add to Bushes marshal law rules and to allow the burning of buildings, the use of isolation areas or camps, etc. 

I hope all of this is someone's wild imagination and not the truth.

British News seems to be more forth coming and honest than American news.

They reported that a while back before this new virus was discovered, the American corporation Baxter international, shipped a vaccine to the UK for human use, the UK first tested it on pigs.  All of the pigs died.  Since this company tends to make the majority of Flu vaccines, I am not taking a flu shot even if they do develop one.  I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to make use of the vaccine that killed the pigs. 

Another interesting event:  A while back in the US, 3 vials of one of the above viruses was either lost, stolen or misplaced.

Also, a while back I read where in the US, someone was digging up human Flu virus victims and is trying to re-activate one of the more deadly viruses from the past.

This is all more than I can believe.  I'm sure there are errors in some of these comments, there has to be.

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People that died in the very north from the Spanish Flu in 1918 were buried in permafrost. Some of those bodies have been excavated and tissue samples were taken. So that much at least is true.  That's about all that's true amongst the list of rumors that you cited.

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An update on the DNA today says it comes only from a pig virus.

I'm not going to worry about it; But I will take normal precautions as I would for any flu.

As of tonight the state of Washington has diagnosed just 11 cases of this flu.  I would think the reason Mexico has been hit so hard first, they have a head start and second, The people are too poor to go to a Doctor and third, sanitary conditions are extremely poor in Mexico.

Another interesting note:

I heard that Obama's team has prepared a new bill and if congress is re-convened it will be presented.

Basically, if passed, it says that someone will be appointed to be the czar of the INTERNET and power will be given by the Obama team to control the INTERNET.  Another part or possibly another bill will control talk radio by using discrimination laws to target, fine and control the freedoms of talk radio.

I doubt either will become a new law. 

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I had my normal check ups today with three different doctors. fluid level, steam draw, other tests, etc.  Everything looks good so far.

I asked my doctor, with a pandemic warning being declared would I be required to get the flu shots and if they were dangerous.

He hesitated, then said:  "Depends upon how much you want to live"

He said   "I'm not getting those shots nor will I let my family take the shots.

He said   "I told my son , if they say you can't enroll in college without the shot, pack up and come home.

He said he doesn't trust the company that makes the shots.  Because with them it is all about profit, not about helping people.


In the news lately, the company that is making the flu shots was caught developing a bio-war weapon.  The company blamed it on one of the workers.

Supposedly the Bio-Technician thought he was developing a serum that would help mankind.  He became distressed and committed suicide.

IMHO, It was possibly suicide by government.  Some powerful people control this company.

tj, JSS's story may not be so far off center after all.  It did sound far fetched, but not so much so now.

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That is a report that should be missed.  The author of that think needs serious psychological help.

if you can't handle the truth, you should try taking the blue pill or getting a good private education to learn some critical thinking skills. ad hominem attacks are pretty weak.

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