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New Raw Map 6 countries in South America


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This map is unfinished but should be playable as is.  It was made from scratch and is very large.  It covers about 1/3 of South America.

It was made for the person who wants a head start in making a map.

IT covers the North East Coast, from about 1/2 of Colombia, most of Venezuela, the 3 Guiana's and about 1/2 of Brazil.  I added most of the cities.  I added geography (rivers and mountains)  No trees, No events or other details unless they come by default.  Therefore there is industry, etc.  I believe it is playable as is,  I have not played it.  I only started working on it a couple of days ago (about 10 hours of work so far)

You are welcome to do with it as you will.


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I checked my lists of RRT2 maps to see if the South American Map was mis-filed. 


I have over a 1000 RRT2 maps and another 200 that need to be added to this list. 


I have one DVD that will not open.   It has some code and other misc files on it.   I believe there is a list of uncompleted maps on a CD some place. 


I think there is a program that can crack a DVD that can't start up by its-self.


I'm not forgetting about your request; I'm just very busy with too many projects that get in the way.    :unsure:   

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I did a search at the terminal and didn't find the South America map I have been looking for.


There was two other South America maps.   I have another South American  map.  It is not one mine


It is of all of South America, a big map.   I'll attach it in case you have RRT2 TSC 


South America.zip


I still have some old hard drives I have used for back up from time to time.


I'll fix my old computer and take a look at these drives.  


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