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I've never made a campaign map; But I have changed many maps from a campaign map the other way.  All I did was uncheck the campaign box.

There may be some multi-player events that show up when that campaign box is checked. I'm guessing on this.  I often just left these events in place.  Other times I deleted them.  You might open some campaign maps in the editor.  I think I changed the extention to do this. I'm not sure now.  Look over the events to see how a campaign map is put together.  Really their not much different from a player made map.

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I think you have to name it correctly.

I don't have RT3 loaded;  You can look at the name of another map to see how the naming is done.  I was thinking I changed the extension, but that might stay the same.

You will see what part of the name changes for each map and make an = change for you map.

As an example: for RT2  the names =  #e19camp.mp3   or later  #1NY~1.map

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